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Hooks Rigs For Lures


Hooks Rigs For Lures

I’m thinking about refitting some of my plugs (diving minnows, stickbaits, poppers, etc) with heavy-duty single hooks instead of treble hooks. To preserve the lure’s action despite the heavy hooks, I’m considering rigs that place the hook in front of the lure (very similar to a bridled live bait) and also as a trailing hook. In the case of the trailing hook, I would use an ‘assist hook’ rig so that the hook is dangling on the end of a short length of cord or wire. Is this legal under IGFA rules?


In the case of plugs, IGFA rules state that treble, double or single hooks are permissible and up three may be used. Our rules also allow a hook to be positioned in front of a lure, bait or bait/lure combo by a distance of up to the length of the hook being used – and this rule applies to plugs as well.

The IGFA allows up to three ‘assist rig’ hooks on plugs or jigs and they can be connected to the front, middle or tail of the lure – or all three. On jigs they must be attached so that the eyes of all hooks do not extend more than one hook-length past the tail end of the lure. On plugs they must be attached so that no hook can extend more than one hook-length away from the lure.

The intent of these rules is to forbid rigs that purposely foul-hook fish.

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Hooks Rigs For Lures

Answer supplied by: Jason Schratwieser
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