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Fish-friendly Hook Rig On Diving Lures


Fish Friendly Hook Rig On Diving Lures

Trolling large sub-surface plugs (such as Rapala ‘Magnum’ or Halco ‘Laser Pro’ lures) is an extremely productive technique for many species. However – after years of experimentation – when fishing for large predators that can easily engulf the entire lure, I prefer to remove the treble hooks and attach a large circle hook to the ring at the head of the plug, because I find that it gives cleaner hook-ups that enable me to release the fish easier, safer and in better condition, rather than foul-hooking the fish in the face, gills and other parts of the body. Is it legal by IGFA rules to remove the trebles or assist hooks from a lure and attach a single hook to the front of it?


This is great question and something that we don’t see often on lures. The IGFA rules state that “a hook may not precede bait, lure or bait/lure combo by more than one hook’s length”. The rig shown at the top in this photo adheres to this rule and is IGFA legal as the hook does not precede the lure by more than one hook’s length. However, the lower example does not conform to IGFA rules.

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Fish-friendly Hook Rig On Diving Lures

Answer supplied by: Jack Vitek
Position: IGFA World Records Coordinator

This question ran in ISSUE 97 of BlueWater magazine: MAY / JUNE 2013

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