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Downrigger Slider Rigs: IGFA Rule Book


Downrigger Slider Rig
I know that downriggers are IGFA-legal when the main fishing line is attached to a downrigger release clip, however, we also fish a ‘slider rig’ that enables us to fish multiple lures and cover multiple depths on the same line. The slider rig is another lure on a separate length of line that is clipped on to the mainline between the rod tip and the downrigger release clip. Water drag creates a belly in the main line and keeps this free-running attached line at the apex until a fish strikes. When a fish hits either lure, the main line still disconnects from the downrigger release clip – but is this arrangement IGFA-legal?


While this rig is highly effective on a variety of freshwater and saltwater species, IGFA rules specifically state that “only one lure containing hooks may be used at a time” – thereby making such a rig illegal by IGFA rules. The rationale behind this rule is to prevent the fighting ability of the fish from being affected should it become entangled or snagged by the additional line and hook(s).

IGFA Rule Book: Rules Explained: Downrigger Slider Rigs
Answer supplied by: Jack Vitek
Position: IGFA World Records Coordinator

This question ran in ISSUE 113 of BlueWater magazine: NOV / DEC 2015

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