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Chomped Out Of A World Record


Chomped out of a world record

I recently caught a large wahoo while trolling a skirted lure with a two-hook rig on light cable. The fish was landed and while re-deploying the rig I noticed that the skirt material had been cut in a manner that placed the eye of the second hook completely outside the skirt. I know that IGFA rules require the trailing hook to be at least partially enclosed in the skirted material – which I abide by when rigging – however, what happens if my skirt is cut during a fight to the point where my hook is no longer partially enclosed within the skirt?


The IGFA rules state that ‘the angling and equipment regulations shall apply until the fish is weighed’. So in this situation the catch would not be eligible for an IGFA world record because there would be no way to verify that the lure was IGFA-compliant before the fish struck.

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Chomped Out Of A World Record

Answer supplied by: Jack Vitek
Position: IGFA World Records Coordinator

This question ran in ISSUE 112 of BlueWater magazine: SEPT / OCT 2015

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