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Are ‘bird’ Teasers Okay On Lure Leaders?


Bird Teasers on Lure Leader

I know that splashing bird teasers are very successful and popular when the water is calm. I sometimes see them incorporated into a lure rig, attached at the top of the leader. I notice that in Australia the GFAA rules state that: “Any devices used in conjunction with a lure that could impede the fighting ability of the fish must be on a breakaway system.” The IGFA rules state: “…birds may only be used if they do not unfairly hamper or inhibit the normal swimming or fighting ability of the fish…” Since I will be fishing for large and powerful fish, like yellowfin tuna or marlin, would a nine-inch bird teaser fixed within the lure leader disqualify an IGFA record claim?


Birds this size are commonly used in offshore fishing for large species such as tunas and billfish. The IGFA would consider this type of rig compliant for large species such as these.

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Are ‘bird’ Teasers Okay On Lure Leaders?

Answer supplied by: Jason Schratwieser
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