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Port Of Call - Botany Bay, North QLD Australia

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Just to the south of Sydney city is the bustling harbour of Botany Bay. It’s famous for more than just its historic importance. It is also a gateway to an exciting mix of excellent tropical and temperate gamefishing.

Botany Bay is Australia’s most historic port, for it was here on our east coast that Captain Cook first landed on our shores in 1770. Apart from its historic value, this port is also renowned for its gamefishing. 

Anglers have even caught small black marlin and other gamefish, such as yellowtail kingfish between the Bays extremely deepwater headlands. Botany Bay is also synonymous with another very famous fishing ground called ‘The Peak’, which is only a short run offshore.

Where Is Botany Bay?

Situated just 20 kilometres to the south of Sydney CBD, Botany Bay is the entrance to the huge Georges River system which spreads across much of the south-western suburbs of this huge metropolis. Most visitors flying into Sydney usually get a first hand look at Botany Bay as two of the main north/south runways of Sydney’s International and Domestic Airport stretch well out into the Bay’s waters.

Botany Bay Facilities

Botany Bay has three major clubs around its shores associated with water-sports, and the Brighton-Le-Sands Amateur Fishing Club is one of Sydney’s oldest angling clubs. Members of this establishment enjoy regular fishing events and excellent facilities with launching ramps within the huge club-house grounds and permanent moorings in the nearby Cooks River. Just to the south of Brighton, the Sans Souci Sailing Club also offers great amenities for its members with easy access to the Botany Bay where regular yacht races are staged and local youngsters are taught to sail.

Tucked in around the corner of the Bay in the mouth of the Georges River and Kogarah Bay is the premises of the popular St George Motorboat Club. This club has excellent facilities including a large 200 birth marina, and offers fuel, slipping and mechanical repairs and is also home to the Botany Bay Game Fishing Club. Regular pointscore competitions are held from the club here and a popular gamefishing tournament is staged every year.

Targeted Fishing Species

The fishing grounds off Botany Bay are famous for a number of gamefish species including all 3 Australian marlin – striped, black & blues; sharks like tigers, makos, blues and various whalers, and large yellowtail kingfish. The famous ‘Peak’ reef off the Bays heads used to be a real hot-spot for giant yellowfin tuna years ago before the longliners decimated these east-coast tuna stocks. These days the ‘Peak remains a popular spot for bottom fishermen and still produces other gamefish such as big yellowtail kingfish and marlin. Another popular area off the Bay is the ‘Plonk Hole’ out in 60-70 fathoms where bottom fishing and gamefishing is still excellent. The 90 fathom edge on the inside of the continental shelf dropoff, straight in front of the Bay, is also a productive ground for giant mako’s and tiger sharks.

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Getting to Botany Bay

Visiting anglers staying in Sydney can pick up a charter boat from the St.George Motor Boat Club. Busses and trains run regularly to the nearby suburbs of Rockdale and Hurstville and from either it’s only a short taxi ride to the Club.

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Author: John Ashley
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