Ebb Tide Tackle

Ebb Tide Tackle

Ebb Tide Tackle specialises in lure casting products and equipment.

The range extends across all facets of lure fishing, with a focus on bluewater poppers, stickbaits, jigs, rods and all accessories to fulfill an anglers needs.

Specialist GT fishing outfitters and anything imaginable. Hard to source and specialist products that cater for all price ranges and levels are covered. Exclusive agents for several brands, including Jack Fin Lures, Amegari, the renowned Heru Lure range, Angry Panda, Blaze Garage, Howk Fishing Rods, Orion Lures, Siren and many premium Japanese lure and fishing brands.

Ebb Tide Tackle Contact Details:

Contact: Andy Smith

Ebb Tide Tackle is one of the best specialist fishing tackle online stores globally. Operated by Andy Smith and John Cahill, both highly experienced lure casting specialists.

The guys are passionate about lure casting for a range of species and their passion is to make this same gear available to anglers all over the world!

You won’t see a whole lot of bait fishing or lure trolling gear in the range, boutique and hard to source specialist lures and tackle is what Ebb Tide Tackle is all about!

From the wildest and most specialist custom blue-water GT poppers & the hottest stick-baits in the world, along with all the gear you need to go with them!

Edd Tide Tackle

♦  PH:  0402 275 271
♦  Website: ebbtidetackle.com
♦  Email: info@ebbtidetackle.com

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