Maritimo 470 Offshore Convertible Boat Test

Maritimo’s new 470 Offshore Convertible is a beautiful, spacious, well-performing cruiser that, when optioned for gamefishing, was enough to have Warren Steptoe begging for more. With this comfortable craft you can impress corporate clients, then re-dress with 24kg outfits and head to the shelf to battle the blues.

Maritimo 470 Offshore Boat Test

Boat Test Maritimo 470 Offshore Convertible  CONVERTIBLE – FROM GLAMOUR TO BATTLE-READY 
Author and photography: Warren Steptoe

This boat test ran in ISSUE 83 of BlueWater magazine –  FEB-MARCH 2011

For the complete feature, including all photos and information captions, you can purchase back-issues here

The facts of life are that most people can’t invest 7-figure sums into a boat just to go fishing. No, most boats have social and family cruising and often corporate roles to play in their owner’s lives. When the bucks are being balanced, pure hard-core gamefishing boats usually tip the scales too far one way for most people. In boats as in life, compromise becomes a necessity.

Before wandering off into fishing fantasy then, I have to say that for social and family cruising, or for corporate roles, the Maritimo 470 Offshore Convertible is as good as it gets. In fact it somewhat stands out from a small crowd of ‘good’ competitors. I confidently predict that a lot of people are going to live very happily with their new 470 Offshore.

However, when a boat builder presents a boat as a ‘sportfisher’– which is precisely what Maritimo isdoing with this boat – it is hard for anyone with at least some serious fishing in mind to get past the moulded cockpit sides. You don’t even have to be particularly serious about bluewater fishing to actually need to be able to negotiate the cockpit periphery without using your hands for support. Your upper leg must come up against the side of the boat before your toes touch. The good news is that this can be achieved by adding the optional cockpit coamings. Problem solved – although I wonder why this important option wasn’t made standard issue!

Lots Of Options

Among over two hundred grand’s worth of options fitted to our test boat, were a pair or Reelax outriggers, plus a centre ’rigger to run a shotgun line off the hardtop above the flybridge. With a neat rod rack (holding six rigged rods) across the back of the flybridge, and five quality stainless steel rod holders around the cockpit periphery, we’re on the way towards where this boat needs to be for serious fishing.

Bluewater gamefishing is such a diverse pursuit these days that one of the defining questions to consider when selecting components is what kind of fishing the boat likely to be doing. On this Maritimo, you have the option for either a stainless steel barbecue or a livebait well set centrally in the aft bulkhead. Your choice will depend on whether you prefer to hold livebait orparties. Another option is for a rigging station atop a cool box set against the cabin bulkhead for those who rig trolling baits or lures. Everyone will appreciate the small sink in the cockpit, set portside beside the cabin door. Messy hands go with all kinds of fishing. Then, there’s your choice of whether to have a boarding deck outside the transom. Fishermen intent on successfully handling big gamefish in the endgame would almost always choose to forego this obstacle.

I imagine that anyone serious about their fishing will also require more rod and reel and tackle stowage, plus gaff and tag pole stowage, than our test boat came equipped with as standard. In addition, if you want to mount a fighting chair in the centre of the cockpit, you’ll need to check the space required to swing the footrest when the back is laid down because, for a big chair, the space looked rather tight to me.

A large cockpit hatch, aft of centre, provides access to a lazarette where steering gear, pumps and various etceteras are located – and that’s a good thing in the likely event you need to access them. However, a chair will mount immediately beside the hatch opening, leaving little room to reinforce the deck against the considerable stresses imposed by heavy-tackle fishing. So if heavy tackle is your thing, it would be worth pursuing this with Maritimo’s engineering department to verify that the necessary reinforcements can be accommodated.

A nice touch in the cockpit, that most will appreciate, is how the deck drains through a moulded grate in each aft corner and then down through the scuppers. The transom door is set to starboard of the central livewell or barbie, depending on which of the two is optioned.

Engine room access is through a central moulded hatch set into the cabin bulkhead beside the coldbox (or freezer) and the (optional) rigging station. The sink is on the opposite side, beside the cabin door. There’s a cockpit shower offering both hot and cold water – which will be very welcome when you’ve just climbed out of chilly water. There’s also a freshwater washdown hose. Down below, the engine room has its own moulded liner to help keep everything clean, with hard-wearing checkerplate flooring fitted between the engines.

Living Aboard

So on to those important family, social and corporate aspects of the Maritimo 470 Offshore Convertible. In essence, this boat is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom cruiser, with various configurations of sleeping space available. Our test boat had its master stateroom and dedicated bathroom almost amidships portside. Another double berth stateroom in the bows shared the second bathroom with crew quarters on the starboard side.

The master and bow staterooms had windows set into the hull; a large single window beside the master’s queen-size bed and a pair of ‘eyebrow’ windows high in the bows. These windows, particularly the large one in the master cabin, add a delightful spaciousness and light to the room. Although I’m uncomfortable about any window in a hull’s side below its waistline, no doubt Maritimo’s engineers can supply reassuring specifications about the security of these windows. Ifyou’re still uncomfortable, they’re optional anyway.

I imagine the 470 Offshore Convertible’s staterooms and bathrooms will sell a lot of boats for Maritimo. From being able to walk around the portside stateroom bed without bending or dodging, to the spacious bathrooms and stylish appointments, this boat is a masterful demonstration of Maritimo’s expertise in onboard comfort.

In the salon, Maritimo takes this a step forward again, with much more open plan living space than you’d ordinarily expect from a boat of this size. In part, this spaciousness is due to the flybridge staircase being inside the salon, which enables the room to extend further back. Those who like the idea of not having to brave the elements when accessing the bridge will love this feature.

Amenities in the salon and galley include a 2-door fridge/freezer, 4 ring cooktop, microwave, a drawer-type dishwasher, drawers, and a separate pantry and rubbish disposal. The galley benchtop is Corian and the salon also featured a separate polished timber bar and a wine cooler. There’s an L-shaped dinette on the port side, in front of the bridge ladder and an L-shaped lounge to the rear on the starboard side.

The flybridge, salon and staterooms were all individually climate controlled. There’s a large polished timber hatch to close the bridge off from the salon. This keeps the cool downstairs when the electronic sunroof and the clears across the bridge’s aft end have been opened – as you would often do while fishing.

All in all, this boat is clearly worthy of serious consideration by anyone looking in its size and price range.

Spacious Bridge

Like the salon, the flybridge is little short of amazing for the amount of open space available in a boat of this size. The helm is positioned well aft, creating a very usable space in front. A convertible dinette forward of the helm makes a useful option for increasing sleeping space when you’ve finished for the day, especially when airconditioned like our test boat. Forward vision from the wheel has been traded off (somewhat) against an excellent, and all-important, view down over the cockpit and out to the trolling spread.

The test boat was fitted with the controls for both Volvo Penta D11 turbo diesels and ZF gearboxes set beside the wheel to starboard. If you prefer the traditional stick on either side of the wheel for manoeuvring while fishing and docking, you’ll have to order your boat with alternative arrangements.

In front of the wheel, our test boat featured a pair of Simrad 12 inch NSE screens, displaying fish-finding and depth information, and navigational data from integrated GPS and broadband radar systems. All of this information can also be displayed on the widescreen HD TV screen in the salon.

Solid Hull

Maritimo maintain solid GRP laminates throughout the hull skin, but incorporate coring in bulkheads, decking and upperworks to save weight and keep the centre of gravity as low as possible. The 470 Offshore’s hull is based on Maritimo’s already successful 500 and 550 models, using a scaled-down version of their variable deadrise deep V hull.

Playing with speed versus fuel burn versus fuel efficiency over long distances has never been easier than with today’s electronic monitoring systems. On the way back home, after our test outside Sydney’s heads, we made full use of Volvo’s electronic engine monitoring system to check out fuel consumption at cruising speeds. The results proved fascinating.

With a top speed of around 33 knots and a minimum planing speed of around 13 to 14 knots, the 470 Offshore cruised along beautifully at 16 to 17 knots while burning a miserly total (both Volvos) of 100 litres per hour. At 23-24 knots, the fuel burn increases by 50 per cent to a still efficient total of 150 litres per hour. All of this justifies Maritimo’s claimed maximum cruising range of over a thousand nautical miles.

Our test boat had both bow and stern thrusters and electric-hydraulic trim tabs. On the water it drove like you’d expect a Maritimo to drive – which is with the ease of a boat much, much smaller. Back at the marina, I happily watched SBM Marine squeeze the boat back into an incredibly tight berth. With the help of the thrusters, they made it look easy.

As a cruiser, this boat well deserves the title ‘luxury’ and all that goes with it. As I said earlier, among competitors it is outstanding. As a purpose-built, hard-core bluewater gameboat it may not suit everyone, but with careful optioning it will suit a great many– and they are sure to enjoy it immensely from there on in!


  • Spacious staterooms and bathrooms, especially the master stateroom.
  • Spacious, open plan salon and flybridge.
  • Excellent view over cockpit from helm.
  • An outstandingly comfortable cruiser.
  • Ease of handling.
  • Great resale value from a leading brand.


  • Sleeping Capacity: Five
  • Fuel: 3000 litres
  • Water: 400 litres
  • Holding Tank: 300 litres


  • Material: GRP composite laminates with core in decking, bulkheads and superstructure
  • Hull Type: variable deadrise ‘deep V’
  • Length: 15.5 metres (LOA 16.5 metres)
  • Beam: 5.0 metres
  • Draft: 1.2 metres
  • Deadrise: Variable
  • Dry Weight: 19 tonnes


  • Make/model: Volvo Penta D11 x 2
  • Type: Inline 6-cylinder 4 valves per cylinder turbocharged aftercooled diesel
  • Rated HP: 500kw/670hp
  • Displacement: 10.8 litres
  • No. Cylinders: Six
  • Weight: 1130kg
  • Gearboxes: ZF
  • Propeller/s used for test: Maritimo 5 blade, 39-inch pitch
  • Generator: Caterpillar 11KW

SPECIFICATIONS: Maritimo 470 Offshore Convertible 
Options fitted: Flybridge aft clears, flybridge airconditioning , flybridge dinette convertible to bunk, electric sunroof in flybridge, stern thrusters, 350kg davit on foredeck, large hullside window in starboard cabin, teak decking, stainless steel barbecue, high-pressure water blaster, cockpit awning and floodlights, Reelax outriggers and centre ’rigger, Amtico flooring, Vitrifrigo icemaker, airconditioning, washer/dryer, underwater lights, LCD TVs with built-in Blue Ray/DVD, Bose sound system, including marine cockpit speakers and remote, Simrad NSE Package inc 2 x NSE 12” Screens, GS15 GPS Antenna, BSM-1 Sounder, B258 Transducer, BR24 Broadband Radar, and many, many more.  

Maritimo 470 Offshore Boat Test

Boat Test Maritimo 470 Offshore Convertible  CONVERTIBLE – FROM GLAMOUR TO BATTLE-READY 
Author and photography: Warren Steptoe
Supplied by: SBM Maritimo Sydney

This boat test ran in ISSUE 83 of BlueWater magazine –  FEB-MARCH 2011

For the complete feature, including all photos and information captions, you can purchase back-issues here

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