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Trish Simpson Mackerel fish Kokomo Island Fiji
Trish Simpson 25 kg Mackerel catch off Kokomo Island Fiji

How does a country girl from North West NSW end up traveling the world chasing big game fish and holding a National Woman’s Record?

As a child growing up in North West NSW my parents loved fishing rivers & estuaries for flathead, bream, whiting & cod and they always encouraged me to come along for the day to enjoy the outdoors and fishing.  

But the stodgy memories of drifting in dams for several hours using handheld lines with worms as bait that my Father had dug up out of the back yard the afternoon before, are is still etched in my memory banks. 

Little did I know that this early introduction and knowledge of fishing would become so valuable to me in this lifetime.

I met Tim Simpson in 2013 and I must admit, it disappointed me somewhat to find out he was a keen angler as childhood memories of my fishing expeditions with my parents racing through my mind, I wasn’t certain that this was a relationship that would last.

Trish Simpson - Fijian Woman's National Record holder - 17kg fish on 6kg line

Trish Simpson Fijian Womans National Record - 17kg fish on 6kg line
Trish Simpson Fijian Womans National Record - 17kg fish on 6kg line

“Early into our relationship I accompanied Tim on a fishing trip to Fiji where I discovered the thrill and exhilaration of big game fishing.

Tim was chasing another world record catching Wahoo on light tackle on our trip to Fiji in 2013.  On our 2nd day out trolling the reef all three rods screamed off at lightning speed. Tim grabbed his line and asked me to pull in the other lines to get them out of the way while he fought his fish.

Unfortunately, his line crossed the other line out and both broke, which left the one I grabbed the only one still losing line at rapid speed. I was panic stricken and immediately tried to hand over the line to Tim who refused as the captain had mention to Tim that he thought it looked like a pretty good size fish.

Tim decided that I should try and land this thing all on my own.

Tim quickly calmed me down secured a fishing belt to me and proceeded to talk me through the fight. My anxiety quickly turned to excitement as I watched the fish jump and make rapid runs, challenging me to a duel.

Tim never left my side talking to me constantly, teaching me his methods and encouraging me to win this tug of war.

We successfully landed the fish which, after the legalities of weighing and measuring, it ended up a Fiji women’s record.

My first touch of a game fishing line and through the guidance of Tim I became a National record holder.”

In the past 6 years I have fished in Panama, Hawaii, Canada, New Zealand, Tahiti, Fiji, Tasmania and in hot spots around the Australian coast line.

Trish Simpson Yellowfin Tuna Fiji Captain Jaga Crossingham
Trish Simpson Yellowfin Tuna Fiji with Captain Jaga Crossingham

These days I am fortunate enough to be the angler and Tim has been relegated to my “decky” on most of our fishing trips.

I have caught a wide variety of game fish including the release of a 900lb+ blue Marlin which potentially may have been a Woman’s world record.

I have witnessed so many amazing sights, learnt so much about the ocean, the currents, Sea birds and how to look for signs of bait fish.

I am fascinated and in awe of the beauty of the sea.  I want to share these experiences.

When we’re not fishing, we are hard at work in the office creating and publishing Tim’s passion, BlueWater Boats & Game Fishing magazine which we purchased 3 years ago.   

Trish Simpson Rooster Fish in Panama
Trish Simpson Rooster Fish in Panama

My passion is to inspire more Woman in fishing by showing them that, with the correct knowledge, anything is possible.  Its important to gain your knowledge from experts in the industry so you learn the correct techniques from the beginning, as I did.

Our guidance does not stop with the magazine, Tim and I also run stage shows at the Sydney International Boat show and the Brisbane Boat Show every year. 

I have spoken on the 2SM radio show Hi-Tide about woman in fishing.  I have been called up on stage at seminars to talk about how I got into fishing.

Our lives are busy, but our message is very clear - never stop learning and you will always enjoy playing The Big Game! 

Trish Simpson Skipjack Tuna Hawaii
Trish Simpson Skipjack Tuna Hawaii
Trish Simpson going hard on 60kg tackle Hawaii
Trish Simpson going hard on 60kg tackle Hawaii
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